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How do you survive in fast changing times?

In the age of the wind, the world is changing drastically,
The world is changing so drastically that the norms and values of the past will no longer apply in the future,
and values of the past will no longer apply in the coming age,
Many of you are probably aware of this, aren't you?

With the evolution of AI technology, the conventional style of work will begin to change at once.
Wars and natural disasters that start anywhere in the world without warning.

In the coming era, the "norm" of the past may collapse in an instant.
So, how should we prepare for such a rapidly changing era?
How should we prepare ourselves for these rapidly changing times?

Acquire business skills that can be used anywhere
Save money for emergencies
Stockpile as much food as possible

Of course, these things are effective,
But they are not enough.

So what exactly should you do?
It means having your own community.


The greatest asset to have in uncertain times
You have your own community

The most important thing in the future is

The most important thing in the future is to have a community where only people who share your vision and ideas can gather.

who share your vision and ideas.

✔️ If you can have your own community,

✔️ community members, you can interact and collaborate with them to

you can create new business.

✔️ Because you will gather people who share your values,

members will support and help you with your challenges

and so on,

There are many advantages.


Influence is essential to community building

In order to build a community

Influence is essential to build a community.


But when you hear that, you may think


"It seems difficult to have influence..."

"No one wants to hear what I have to say..."


But you don't need to worry.


But there is no need to worry.


Influence is not something you are born with,

It is a skill that can be acquired later by learning.


So, how do you go from being a complete unknown to having great influence?

What exactly do you need to do to become influential?

Learn from the 9 most influential leaders in the world
The Secrets of Influence

What did the people who have tremendous influence today do?
If you can learn this,
You will be able to significantly shortcut your path to influence.
You will be able to shortcut your path to influence.
This is why we have decided to hold 

IGNITE: Your Circle of Influence
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We have invited nine leaders who are now very active on a global scale,


How did they become the influential leaders they are today?

What are the secrets to building a quality community?

What do you need to do to start a community?


We will be talking a lot about these secrets.

Let me introduce you to the guests...,


Yuma Muranushi, who has connections with the leaders of many countries and is seriously committed to world peace.

Ken Honda, an international best-selling author who has published in more than 50 countries around the world.

       She has been named one of the "100 Most Influential People in the World" by TIME magazine.

Marie Kondo (KONMARI), who has triggered a worldwide tidying boom

Takumi Kawahara, the producer who introduced Kommari to the world

James Skinner, who has created AI Club communities around the world and is ahead of his time.


Peter and Marija, who founded a charitable organization with more than 3,000 members in 55 countries


Master John Brady, who has been meditating for more than 50 years, preserving ancient scriptures with colleagues from around the world

Geshe Michael Roach, founder of the world's largest jewelry company and the first Westerner to take the highest degree in Tibetan Buddhism called "Geshe

Special Guests

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World Peace Activist

Yuma Muranushi

While travelling the world for world peace, he continues to develop the capacity of people and organisations to increase the number of people living up to their mission.

At the age of 19, while still a student at Osaka University, he started his own business, sold about 10 companies in five years in succession and established a fund at the age of 24. Expanded activities abroad and repeated buy-outs of businesses.

Started social contribution activities at the age of 30. Expanded donation activities with a focus on poverty issues in Japan and abroad. Involved in the management of several general associations and NPOs, and established several foundations from the age of 38. Continues to work towards maximum public benefit in the world.


8-million-copy bestselling author

Ken Honda

8-million-copy bestselling author.

After working as a management consultant and investor, she entered the semi-retired life of childcare at the age of 29.
During four years of childcare, she got the vision to become an author and started her writing career.

He has given lectures and seminars for up to 1,000 people throughout Japan on the topics of money and happiness, life work and living an exciting life.
His books include The Teachings of a Jewish Millionaire, 17 Things I Want to Do in My 20s (Yamato Shobo) and Let's Live Doing What We Love! (Forest Publishing) and others, with a total circulation of more than 8 million copies.

In 2019, his first book in English, Happy Money, will be published simultaneously in the US, UK and Australia by the US publisher Simon & Schuster. The book has been translated into 27 languages and has already been released in more than 50 countries.


Global management consultant
AI education specialist
Bestselling author of over 4 million copies

James Skinner

James Skinner, a management consultant for 34 years, is the founder of FranklinCovey Japan in Japan and is known for popularising the Seven Habits®. He is best known as a bestselling author with over four million copies sold and as an expert in AI education in 42 countries around the world.

His career began with the US State Department, where he was involved in promoting AI technology, and NEC, where he was instrumental in expanding the automatic fingerprint identification system. He has been involved in the management of more than 40 companies worldwide, including running a web app development company in Singapore and chairing a ¥200 billion hedge fund, and has mentored major corporations and government organisations such as TDL, Ritz-Carlton, Toyota, IBM, the US military, the Foreign Ministry, JR, etc. As the founder of Billionaire's School®, he continues to be a great supporter of management. As the founder of the Billionaire School®, he continues to receive tremendous support from business leaders.
He also deepened his studies in AI and business strategy at MIT, where he produced a book about AI written by AI. He has spoken across the globe at the UN, TEDx, the Japan Society for Security and Crisis Management, etc. He founded AI Super Human®, an AI education community with over 700 members in 42 countries.

James has taught over 300,000 people directly and is highly regarded as a seminar speaker because of his friendly and loving personality. By learning through his lectures and tutoring, you will understand the business and social changes that AI will bring and find new ways to succeed.

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Asian Legacy Library(ALL)


John Brady

John serves the Asian Legacy Library as the executive director in charge of global operations. Prior to ALL, John was an executive director for the Lillian Vernon Corporation, heading a “Business to Business” division serving clients such as Estee Lauder Cosmetics, American Express Credit Card Services, Victoria’s Secret, Anheuser-Busch, Kraft Foods, and other Fortune 500 companies. For over a decade, John studied and practiced meditation with Eido Shimano Roshi, an authentic master and lineage holder in the Rinzai tradition of Japanese Zen Buddhism. John was on the board of directors of The Zen Studies Society from 1985 to 1995. In 1996 John met Tibetan Buddhist master teachers Geshe Lobsang Tarchin and Geshe Michael Roach. He began the rigorous 36 course study program, which culminated in him entering a 3-year, 3-month, 3-day silent meditation retreat on December 26th of 2011 as director. John is a senior instructor for Asian Classics Institute, Diamond Cutter Institute Global, and Sedona College of International Management. He currently resides with his wife in Sedona, Arizona. They travel and teach together throughout Asia, Europe, and Latin America.


Participation fee:

Gorgeous guests but specially free of charge!

Time table

17 Feb Japan time


Part 1



Ken Honda

John Brady

Marie Kond & Geshe Michael Roach①

Takumi Kawahara

Part 2


Yuma Muranushi & Sophie

Peter & Marija

James Skinner

Marie Kondo & Geshe Michael Roach②


​※End times may vary slightly.

※Online Zoom event

Due to the Zoom distribution, The number of participants will be limited, The application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.

Apply as soon as possible before the deadline.

If you refer our event, we will send you an archived video at a later date.

(If you would like to refer the event, please ask on the event application page 'Would you like to refer this event?' on the event application page. on the event application page)


Organised by Mental Seed Ltd.
IGNITE: Your Circle of Influence

Organiser: Sophie Cao
Representative Director, Mental Seed Ltd.
Organised by the Super Meditation Salon
DCIG accredited teacher


Graduated from Shanghai Foreign Studies University and studied in Japan.

After completing a master's degree at Keio University, worked for a major IT company before setting up her own business.

Focuses on educational seminars and Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges, Has been involved in introducing and producing cultural figures from Japan and China to both sides.

He has produced a number of contents between Japan and China.

The Teachings of a Jewish Millionaire (Daiwa Shobo), Translated 'Hajimete no Ho'o Pono Pono' into Chinese.

Meet Geshe Michael Roach in 2019, Teachings based on ancient Asian philosophy. Began to study the Diamond Wisdom (Law of Mental Seed) in earnest.

He is the first DCIG (Diamond Cutter Institute Global) accredited teacher in Japan.

Published Mental Seed (Clover Publishing) with Takumi Yamazaki.

Currently working to spread the Law of Mental Seed, an essential and practical way for people to become rich and happy.

In 2022, she will open the 'Super Meditation School'.

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