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01.Lecture on the Heart Sutra

What the Heart Sutra teaches is that this world does not exist as we think it does. ​

So where does this world come from, and how is it created? ​ And how on earth can we become aware of how this world works? ​


​John Brady will thoroughly explain the secrets of "emptiness'' that will free you from all worries and make it possible to realize all your desires.​​​



02.meditation to reach the"emptiness"


No matter how much you understand "emptiness'' in your head, it is meaningless if you do not know how to put it into practice to reach that state. ​


Therefore, in the program, you will receive a lecture from John Brady on a special meditation to reach the "emptiness'', and you will be able to practice it together. ​ Even if you are new to meditation, there is no need to worry as you can just follow the instructions and practice.

03.Nigma Yoga to enhance the effectiveness of meditation

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Yoga is an ancient training method that was used to make the body more conducive to meditation. ​ In this online program, we will also practice Nigma Yoga, which aligns the seven chakras in the body and enhances the effectiveness of emptiness meditation.

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What you can learn

through this program is...

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・The secret of "emptiness'' written in the Heart Sutra ​

・Roadmap to reach the "emptiness'' 


・How to meditate and practice in your daily life to access the "emptiness''


・The correct view of this world ​ ​


・Freedom from all kinds of troubles caused by wrong views of the world


・An essential understanding of where reality comes from ​


・How to rewrite reality to your liking ​ ​


・Realization of wishes in all areas such as finances, relationships, health, happiness, etc.

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Participation fee

98,000JPY (about630USD)

Time Schedule

from June 8th to June 10th

*The schedule below is based on Japan time.


13:00〜15:00(Heart Sutra class)

16:00〜(meditation class)


6:30〜7:30(meditation class)

10:00〜12:00(Heart Sutra class)

14:00〜16:00(Heart Sutra class)

17:00〜18:00(yoga class


6:30〜7:30(Meditation Class)

10:00〜12:00(Heart Sutra class)

14:00〜16:00(Heart Sutra class)

17:00〜18:00(yoga class)

【How to participate 】



John Brady


As Executive Director of Asian Legacy Library, he is in charge of global operations.  For more than 10 years, he studied meditation and trained under Eido Shimano Roshi, a master of Japanese Zen Buddhism and the Rinzai sect.

He also served as a director of the Zen Study Society from 1985 to 1995. In 1996, he met the Tibetan Buddhist teachers Geshe Lobsang Tachin and Geshe Michael Roach.

He currently serves as a senior instructor at the Asian Classical Institute, Diamond Cutter Institute Global, and Sedona College of International Management. Companies such as Google have also introduced meditation training. He lives with his wife in Sedona, Arizona, and they have traveled and taught throughout Asia, Europe, and South America.

Yoga Instructor

Sayo Endo


She was scouted while attending university and made her debut as a model. Appeared in more than 15 TV commercials and documentaries.


After graduating from university, she studied abroad and made her debut as an actress in 2003 when she was selected from among 1,000 people to play the heroine in an audition for the movie "Shino."


In addition, he starred in two movies. ​ In addition to her acting career, she became fascinated by the world of yoga, and in 2005 she obtained her Yoga Alliance license.In 2009, she became an international Sivananda yoga instructor certified by the Indian government and the Ministry of AYUSH, and has taught more than 4,500 people to date.


 In 2018, she attracted attention as an expressor of yoga and Japanese beauty by being broadcast on TV and interviewed by newspapers throughout India.




After graduating from Shanghai Foreign Studies University, studied abroad in Japan. After completing a master's degree at Keio University, worked for a major IT company before becoming independent. In 2017, he became vice president of Simalaya Japan Co Ltd. and was involved in the launch of Himalaya Japan, China's largest audio platform, and was in charge of content as CCO. Resigned in September 2021.

In February 2019, met Geshe Michael Roach and began learning the applied philosophy ''Diamond Wisdom (Mental Seed Law)'' based on the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism (ancient wisdom). In 2019, he became the first DCIG (Diamond Cutter Institute Global) certified instructor in Japan. Currently working to spread the ''essential and practical method for people to become truly rich and happy - the Law of Mental Seed'', which is based on Tibetan Buddhism (ancient wisdom).

Director of DCIG Japan (Diamond Cutter Institute Global Japan). Founder of "Mental Seed Japan". He runs ''Super Meditation Salon'', a meditation salon for business owners. Representative director of ALL JAPAN, an NPO that protects ancient scriptures.

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